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Thread: Oct Meetup Recap: PPC Tips, SEO Mistakes & Staying Competitive in Affiliate Mktg

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    Oct Meetup Recap: PPC Tips, SEO Mistakes & Staying Competitive in Affiliate Mktg
    Click here to view the full post w/pictures on our blog


    Adding on new locations this month, affiliate marketers gathered in the US and Canada to share knowledge, network and enter for a chance to win a ASW 2012 Gold Pass and DVD set from Affiliate Summit. Topics included PPC, link building, SEO, the Google Panda update, affiliate marketing best practices, the changing affiliate landscape, working with networks and affiliates using Facebook ads.

    Taking place on a monthly basis, these meetups are open to anyone with an interest in affiliate marketing or online marketing in general.

    To see what’s happening in your local area, visit the Affiliate Summit FB page: If there isn’t a group in your local area – start one today! Email Mary Poiley to learn more.

    In Baltimore, we welcomed more new attendees and Charlie Calabrese lead a discussion on PPC Challenges & Tips. Rob Adler, Morgan Thomas and several others joined in to share insights.

    Helpful Resources:

    * Charlie shared a pay per click search engine marketing flowchart which includes links from each stage in the process to additional resources
    * He also suggested using tools like Wordtracker for keyword research

    Key Takeaways Include:

    * Pay attention to trending terms on places like Twitter, Google Trends, consumer news sites and news feeds
    * Keyword research is the single most important thing you can do
    * Consider intent to purchase (rather than Baltimore Ravens try Baltimore Ravens Apparel)
    * Copywriting is key! Use your skills to stand out from the competition, capture the viewer’s attention and aim to answer their question to generate a response

    Congrats to Susan who won the ASW 2012 Gold Pass and DVD set!

    In Denver, Jim Kreinbrink spoke about “The Most Common SEO Mistakes” and covered topics including the Google Panda update.

    Key Takeaways Include:

    * Be very aware of your site speed, as this is now part of the Google algorithm
    * Google has come to love brands, so include brand names, trust logos, etc to improve rankings
    * Including video on pages is a way to get into search engine results more quickly

    Bottom line – ask yourself “Would you trust this page with your credit card?” If the answer is yes, Google will probably like it.

    Also, congrats to Wendy Pearson and Jim Brown who won the ASW 2012 Gold Pass and DVD set!

    Moving on to New York, Deborah Carney posted a full recap here (complete with pictures!). From her post:

    “We had a small group which worked out great because there were two newcomers to our group that had questions about getting started in affiliate marketing. Their questions were relevant to half the group so we informally split into two groups, one with basic discussion and one with more SEO focused discussion. Everyone came away with information they specifically needed, which will help them start or grow their businesses. It’s exciting to see someone hit that “ah ha” moment

    There wasn’t anyone in the group going to Affiliate Summit that didn’t already have a pass, so the Gold Pass will be awarded to an attendee at our November AdTech Meetup. Elizabeth, who won the dvd set is anxious to learn about affiliate marketing and was very excited to have the set.”

    Congrats to DVD winners – Elizabeth and Friend Patrice!

    Providing another recap with a wealth of great information, Liz Gazer described the Toronto meetup below. Also, click here to view the presentation shared at their recap.


    Affiliate Summit Toronto

    On Tuesday, October 25th, the Toronto Affiliate Summit Meetup community gathered in the semi-private California Room at Brix Napa Valley Grille & Wine Bar, for their monthly meetup hosted and organized by Growthspurt Media’s Liz Gazer.

    Due to heavy rain and a transit strike, numbers were thinner than expected but only by a few. Members travelled from as far as 200+km away, for networking with fellow industry folks and a presentation given by the event’s host, on Affiliate Marketing best practices for merchants, affiliates and networks.

    While the group had originally been slated to hear a talk on best practices for specifically Canadian merchants looking to compete globally, the agenda was changed last minute as more affiliates than merchants were expected to attend based on RSVPs. Instead, “Affiliate Marketing: A Changing Landscape” was presented.

    Group members were reminded that for long term profitability in this business that we are each dependent upon successful relationships with other parties in order to succeed and that it’s counter-productive to the mission to operate with disregard for overall performance-partnership goals of the other parties.

    The discussion gave some insight into what Merchants expect from their Affiliate channel in order to justify the investment, as well as insight for what Affiliates look for before investing in promotion of a brand. The presentation also covered some discussion on the Google Panda Update, and how online marketers can protect their online business efforts from tanking, in the face of those types of changes.

    New members in attendance, included Mark N. (an independent programmer/affiliate), Sharon Lee & Kat Ward from, John Martinuk of, Allan Jude of ScaleEngine Hosting and Marine Zhang of Zebra IT Solutions.

    This month the group had some awesome goodies to giveaway courtesy of Affiliate Summit, including a Gold Pass to Affiliate Summit West 2012 at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, and an exclusive DVD of all recorded presentations from Affiliate Summit East 2011 in NYC. A draw was held for those in attendance to select winners.

    Congratulations to:

    * David Michaels of for winning the coveted DVD
    * Allan Jude of Video Streaming Provider, VOD CDN, Image Delivery, Video Stream Hosting for winning the Gold Pass to ASW12!

    For more information about Growthspurt Media visit Growthspurt Media - Affiliate Marketing Management & Internet Marketing Consulting Services for Online Retailers & More.

    Liz Gazer can also be found on Facebook (Growthspurt Media | Facebook), Twitter (@lizgazer), Google+ and at LinkedIn.

    For more information about the Toronto Affiliate Summit Community, visit Toronto Affiliate Marketing Community (North York, ON) - Meetup.


    Thanks to everyone who attended meetups this month and we’re looking forward to next month!


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    Amy meet ups in Los Angeles

    Is there any meet ups in los angeles area, I would love to attend.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mick.bodyshop View Post

    Is there any meet ups in los angeles area, I would love to attend.


    There are but they have not been been publicized at all. I found out about it about a month ago after a couple had been held, but I did get to the last one. The next one is scheduled for Dec. 27. The meetings are held in Westwood. You can join and get info here.

    And welcome to ABestWeb.

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