Members of the US team are speaking at BlogWorld Expo and PubCon this week and next week. If you’re attending either show, let them know! They’re looking forward to meeting new contacts as well as familiar faces.

Meet Jeannine Crooks this week at BlogWorld Expo!

BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2011
Los Angeles Convention Center: Los Angeles, CA
November 3-5, 2011

Track: Business of Blogging & Podcasting
Session: Promoting Your Blog in the Age of Social Media
Date/Time/Room: Tuesday, November 3rd / 3:45-4:45pm / Room 409 A
Speakers: Jeannine Crooks, Dave Taylor, Brett Greene, Doyle Albee & Joshua Dorkin

Session Description:
“Successful blogging isn’t just about writing great content, it’s about all the myriad of ways you need to drive traffic to your content. More and more, it’s about social media, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn or a new social network that just launched last week. What are best practices? How do you manage time? What differentiates each audience? This panel discussion will highlight best practices and case studies that will illustrate how you can tap into the massive audiences on the social networks to gain more, better, smarter readers to your own blog starting today.

Key Points
1. Differences between the major social networks and how to appeal to each audience
2. Best practices with building audiences on social sites
3. How to incorporate “like” “tweet” “repost” and similar links on your own site to increase buzz”

**Connect with Jeannine Crooks**

Email: Jeannine.Crooks[at]
Twitter: @Jeannine_Crooks

Meet Kim Salvino next week at PubCon!

PubCon Las Vegas 2011

Las Vegas Convention Center: Las Vegas, NV
November 7-10, 2011

Track: Affiliate Conference
Session: Essentials Overlooked by 90% of Affiliate Managers
Date/Time/Room: Tuesday, November 8th / 4:15-5:30pm / Salon E
Speakers: Kim Salvino, Jerry West, Keith Posehn & Karen White

Session Description:
“A number of crucial affiliate program management elements are being overlooked by the majority of merchants. Discover what these essentials are, and how to use them to your competitive advantage. What’s working? What’s hot? What are the biggest trends in the affiliate space today? What are the best strategies? Find out in this session.”

**Connect with Kim Salvino**
Email: Kimberly.Salvino[at]
Twitter: @Kim_Salvino