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    How do I estimate sales from Guthy Renker?
    I am a LinkShare affiliate of Guthy Renker for ProActive. Guthy Renker has not reported a single sale (test or otherwise) since we became an affiliate. We are sending them very high quality traffic that matches their demographic exactly. How do I estimate how much money they owe me so I can take legal action. Is there an average conversion rate that I can use? and an average order size? Where would I find that out. Can LinkShare provide it?

    Will LinkShare help me out? After all it is Guthy Renker who agreed to report the sales to LinkShare. LinkShare did fine at tracking the clicks to Guthy.

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    I think, first, if you have known, documented, test sales with them you should take it up with LinkSnare first. That is, unless you have a real contact within that company.

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