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    took me to

    Why would I wonder who ebay's top affiliates are?

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    Yep, CJ didn't dump WhenU. There is also something alarming that I saw with a third party pop up on an affiliate site that fed into ebates.

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    Ok. here goes. I was using a friends computer, viewing my newest site. They use XP/IE6. They have one of those pop-up eliminators, plus they have activeX controls turned off. no java script. they are downloading fools. everything. I told 'em it was a mistake. anyhoo...

    I go to my site, click on cj advertiser links, and get directed to 404 pages. I click on a befree advertiser link (Barnes and Noble), and I go to their site. a little pop-up window (so much for the pop-up eliminator, huh?) appears with a ad. I click on the link and it goes to a 404 page as well. However, before clicking on the ad, I look it over. clearly, there is text at the bottom saying it is whenu. They say there is more info in regards to why this ad maybe taking them away from the website the person is visiting - THE LINK DOESN'T WORK (at least for me it doesnt).

    I don't know if the cj links were being over written (the 404 pages), or if the activeX controls being turned off had anything to do with it. you computer experts would know. I thought cj had co-sponsored a new policy regarding this? The ad was a "quikserv" link. If the visitor (BUYER!) follows that link away from Barnes and Noble, I will not get the commission I might have earned. Furthermore, is my cj links, in this scenario, being over written? I noticed my friend had Kazaza installed, as well.

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    Your download crazy buddies had KaZZaa-Lite installed blocking the network links causing the 404 error. The BHO perps did set their cookie just in case the shopper goes to the merchant URL by a direct address bar typein.

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