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    Want some feedback on new incentives
    I spent some time coming up with incentives that I hope will get affiliates to push for greater sales. If anyone would comment on my incentives, it will be much appreciated.

    Everyone starts at a base level with 7% commission. At the end of the quarter if 60 sales were made then that affiliate will be bumped to a 8% commission for the next quarter.

    For those in the base level if you can double your sales from the previous month then the sales you make after the doubling will earn you an 8% commission. If you are earning the 8% commission then on every 100th sale the commission is doubled for that order.

    These incentives went into effect for this quarter and I'm wondering if they need to be tweaked for the next quarter.

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    What's the incentive for getting 25 of 25 sales reversed?

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    I think whether this is a good incentive depends a lot on how common it is for an affiliate in your program to make 60 sales in a quarter, but I do think it's a nice balance to add the incentive for simply doubling sales. I do think to really motivate affiliates however, these incentives could be a bit more generous. Say, a bump to 9 or 10 percent after these goals are reached.

    Also, it'd be nice if affiliates who made that 60 sale mark got the extra commission for the entire year, instead of just the next quarter.

    I'm actually a manager of an affiliate program myself, not an affiliate, so this is coming from a different perspective. But based on that experience, I do think it could take slightly larger incentives if you really want affiliates to push on sales for your program instead of another.

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    Doesn't excite me at all. I have a few home remodeling pages and do get the occasional PS sale (and have never seen one reversed, BTW). However, if you can pay me 8% for 20 sales a month but not for three sales - I dont think I'll add you to two new remodeling sites that feature another niche product (dealing with kitchens) where I earn a good bit more. Don't want to dilute a potential sale.
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