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    I launched a new website last week, and got some complaints on rendering issues. Digging deeper, they were all coming from people on Macs using a build of Firefox, which was put out in 2007.

    With Firefox being up to V7 now, I'm curious if others are seeing this in their logs too, or if I'm just lucky with our vertical, which includes a lot of ad firms, etc.

    Also, I wonder why they've never updated. Some of these are the same folks that sell their cherished possessions to buy new iPhones the first day they drop.

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    Yeah, Firefox 3.x has some problems. There was one domain auction site I was checking out, and the whole top half doesn't show up in the Firefox I'm using now, shows up in newer ones, Chrome etc. So it's really a FF 3.x issue.

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    The same problem exists with linux based servers. I found a fix for the problem but im not allowd to post links so im gonna go out on a limb and hope this doesnt get me in trouble lol

    Google: Fixing the Firefox 3 Rendering Bug - AB9IL.NET

    Hope it helps

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