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    Anyone who has used ineedhits

    I was thinking of using the service of ineedhits for sending some traffic to the site. Everything they claim on the site seems ok but on google one comes across a few negative reviews. If anyone has used their service then please let me know how it was? and if it was effective at all?


    Robert Thomas

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    It's a waste of time. It will just be a waste of your money.

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    Well, thanks for the prompt feedback on their services. Seemed a little too good to be true. Targeted traffic at too low a cost. Anyways, SEO is the thing I will stick to & the occasional PPC campaign along with ABW ad options to create the additional buzz :-)

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    Do you need "hits" or do you need "customers"?

    There are a million ways for somebody to get "hits", and a million suckers out there to sell the "hits" to. But if these sellers of "hits" could deliver "customers", why would they sell them to you for a fraction of a cent instead of just selling something to the "customers" in the first place?
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    Just had to look that one up. It is a complete racket, that's for sure. For visitors, a simple PHP curl script through a public proxy server can do that for next to nothing. And it wouldn't mean anything to most anyone except egos anyway.

    and for the Facebook, 100 likes in a month for $20? I have a current ad campaign that brings me over 100 for a fraction of that. I think I'm currently paying roughly $.06 a like right now.

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    I think I did in 2001, in my rookie year. But I did a lot of stupid stuff* as a rookie.

    *that's an exaggeration

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