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    Which one of these two is "worse"? I mean, who's got the bigger "market share"? Who's is harder to remove? Who's sneakier and meaner all around? I got Aluria's software for free from the Affiliate Force conference and had BOTH on my pc!

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    Little like asking folks to nane their own poison. Both got booted off the BeFree netowrk as totally anti-affiliate violating any attempts to make them conform to the CoC.

    Both do the nasty drive-by installs and bundle their crapolla on thru the backdoors of the P2P networkks. Both bury hidden or deceptive installs in the porn popup hell holes. Both rape the PPCSE's account balances with worthless click withdrawls. Both require a secondary un-install procedure or they magically re-appaear on the next boot. Maybe both share the same offshore bank account and have Bin Laden and Saddam on their board of directors.

    Both represent the wave of the future in affiliate marketing breed and incubated secretly by our trusted third parties. Both can suck the peanuts out of my parrots poop.

    Mike & Charlie ...

    If they won't adopt and feed a bird ..flip them one! BBQ some Gator and remember to flush WhenU..

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