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    Groupon Prices IPO at $20 a Share
    There has been a ton of buzz about this IPO all week. According to this article in the Wall Street Journal Groupon is valued at $13B. Today I heard it valued at $17B.

    Recently I heard that they were slashing sales staff and it seems that the model may have peaked. That doesn't mean they are not going through a paradigm shift and coming up with better systems.

    Seems in these times of tight economy belts there is still a desire to buy big tech stocks.

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    Yes the model does not work.....It only works if you need a quick cash flow injection into your company. Basically Groupon is a small business loan program, as no business (most) do not make money but lose money. Of course if sell a widget for $300 and it costs you $20.....then of course you will make money....But this is basically a fairy tell

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