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    What are the top tier credit card affiliates?
    Does anyone know what the top tier affiliates are for the major credit card issuers?

    For example, I believe for Amex it's LS and Discover CJ.

    What about the various Visa cards? JPMorgan chase, etc. Or MasterCard?

    Are sites like FlexOffers and NCS 2nd tier affiliates? Are there any advantages to going through one of those programs vs. working directly w/an AM that deals directly w/an issuer?

    Thanks for any knowledge!

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    I don't believe that any credit card company has a direct aff. program. Besides LS and CJ, try and A few years ago, acclaimnetwork was big, but now they are unresponsive to calls and emails, and they very few c/c offers, and I doubt they'd pay commissions owed, etc. Commissionsoup is completely unethical. They totally cannibalized my site by inducing me to use their iframe that sucked away all my SEO. Didn't realize it at the time. Before iframe, thousands in monthly commissions. After iframe, $0. nada. After removing iframe, remained at $0. They knew Google would drop us. See, they have their own site, creditsoup. So they got a bunch of their competitors (affiliates) to go away. Scum. Last, has some other listings.

    I'm also looking for other c/c networks, so please post if you know.

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    thought Chase had one. Was pretty sure I was in it, but the cards available were limited and didn't include reward cards.

    of course they may have discontinued it too.. been a while

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    I was at the bank yesterday opening a business checking account. I asked what happened to the rewards for debit card. Last July they changed federal banking law and banned them so now only credit cards are available for points. They pitched me on the Chase Sapphire which had decent points with no expiration date.

    Have you check the airlines. There are loyalty affiliate who specialize in providing points redeemed in exchange for commissions with all major airlines.

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    I don't believe they banned reward debit cards. there was a loophole where the banks could charge a higher merchant fee for their use or something like that, so the banks were parlaying a percentage of that money into the 'reward.' that loophole was closed, so Chase opted to just eliminate reward debit cards. they still have reward credit cards though.

    for example, the Disney Visa still exists. The Disney Visa Debit card doesn't (or doesn't pay rewards now anyway) but even when it did, its reward rate was half that of the credit card.

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    Hi MoreCowbell

    Share Results manages the exclusive affiliate program for Scotiabank credit cards, one of the oldest and most well known banks in Canada, and exclusive provider of AmEx in Canada.

    They have a number of Visa Rewards cards that are considered to be some of the best in Canada. Google Scotiabank Visa Rewards and you will see that their cards are quite well reviewed.

    If you have Canadian traffic or are interested in building out a Canadian page, please email me at louis [at] shareresults [dot] com.
    Louis Deering | Affiliate Manager / Network Rep.
    [URL=]Share Results - Affiliate Programs For Selective eCommerce Merchants[/URL]
    [][I]Ask about our software solutions[/I][/email]

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    What about

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