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    Popshops API question.
    I am currently using Pop Shops Pro Unlimited because of it's simple to use and requires no programing skills. I run it in a Wordpress site and it looks pretty good but the Pro version has limitations. The problem with the pro version is that the data is static meaning once a product loads in the shop it stays there unless the merchant pulls it so you rarely show fresh data which won't work for a deal site.

    I want to try the API version in Popshops since from what I gather can pull in new items based off a key word like "sale" and would be more dynamic. I am not clear exactly how the API version sends the new data over to my Wordpress site and whether or not it will work with my existing Popshop java script file that is on my Wordpress site. So other than Popshops and pricetapestry, what datafeeds will work for a deal site that pulls in fresh items based off of a keywords?

    Thank you

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    Hi Double Trouble - For the PopShops part of your API question, you should really contact PopShops support directly. PopShops generally doesn't take care of those issues in this forum.

    I don't have an suggestion for you regarding the datafeeds keyword question, hopefully someone else will. Good Luck!

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