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Thread: Affiliates, Join LogoMojo And Get A Free Smart Phone

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    Affiliates, Join LogoMojo And Get A Free Smart Phone
    Last week the Deluxe Affiliate Program released our best offer yet in LogoMojo - LogoMojo customers will receive a FREE Smartphone with a new 2-year plan plus data feature for placing an order for any LogoMojo design package. Now we are extending this great promotion to our affiliates!

    Your participation and dedication to top performance is important to us and to fully understand the value of this offer we are allowing you to skip the minimum order requirement and receive your new Smart Phone just for being in the program.

    All you have to do is join the LogoMojo affiliate program and you'll automatically receive details regarding the Smartphone promo in the Welcome email! Click here to join.

    Remember we offer 18% commission on the sales you refer to LogoMojo and your success is important to us. This offer is still available for LogoMojo customers so place these LogoMojo Mobile Phone Promo banners on your site and get converting!

    1) BannerID # 338502

    2) BannerID # 338508

    3) BannerID # 338517

    Already a LogoMojo affiliate? Increase your earnings potential by participating in all 5 our Deluxe Affiliate Programs.

    Shop Deluxe

    If you have any questions regarding our products, our affiliate programs, or how to further your affiliate success, please do not hesitate to contact the new Deluxe Affiliate Management team at We look forward to our mutual success!

    Happy Selling!
    Deluxe Affiliate Management Team

    Follow us on Twitter @deluxecorp
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