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    Which Path? ( How to charge )
    Hey Guys,

    I'm working on an application, and I've run into a problem with the development of an idea. Essentially the application aims to form a symbiotic relationship with a major website, in regards to a certian niche. If all goes to plan, there should be a large userbase attracted by the "main" application. However, I wish to expand the application for those within the niche once the "main" attraction has hooked them. I've thought of a few ideas, and they have come relatively easily, but now i'm running into a stumbling block.

    In a nutshell, I wish to allow "local" businesses within the niche to advertise their products on services within a "store" section of the application. Sounds very simple. But I would like to form some kind of profit off of it, as the applications sole income is via advertisment.

    I've thought of

    A ) A small monthly fee
    B ) A CPC type of deal, with a cap.
    C ) An "Affliate" type deal.

    I'm already aiming to have affliate networks on board, selecting products that suit my niche and placing them within the "store", but the fact that the "businesses" may have online stores, offline services, or even merely be retail in nature makes forming some kind of affliate system quite difficult to my inexperienced eyes.

    I would love to make some money off this segment of the application, but I don't want to sacrifice its "success" and expansion in order to achieve it.

    Does anybody have any recommendations?

    Thanks guys

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    Little vague but sounds like what Wayfair has been doing for some time. They show local targeted ads to visitors when an affiliate cookie is not present. They're running their own platform called "Get It Near Me".

    Other than that, not sure I grasp what you're attempting...
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    Thanks for the reply mate.

    Now that I reread my post, it is actually horribly vague. I think if I get into specifics
    it may help convey my dilemma.

    I came up with an idea that is quite helpful for those within the music industry, as performers,
    and those that go to see them ( the audience). It could potentially catch on if we do it right. I intend to release
    it as an application for various networks.

    I then decided to expand some services for those who perform, as I do. So essentially, the main
    service would bring them in, and then the "musicians" can utilize the other features.

    I also realised that there is a vast array of services that appeal to this market, that being musicians.

    However, these services are anything from retail, to online etc.

    So I'm wondering how can I profit from this? Ideally, I wanted an charge as you sell
    Affiliate type service, but I'm clueless whether there are things that would allow me to
    do that, due to the offline and online sales. Otherwise I could try a CPC type deal, or a fixed fee.

    Ideally they should register, create a profile and start marketing. Simple.

    I'm just curious as to whether anyone has any advice for me? This is my first foray into
    this world, and so I'm quite uncertain as to what is possible.

    Thanks for any help

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    A social type platform for musicians?

    Still "horribly vague" - sorry...
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    I'll assume I understand the principle of the question and I'll try my best to answer. If I sound way off, we'll just assumed I assumed incorrectly.

    As a local merchant, which of the proposed options would I be more inclined to use to have you sell my product on your site?

    Subscription is probably my least favorite. Here's why. It costs me money whether I make sales or not. It's really not much more than just buying ad space on the site. And if it doesn't perform in a month or whatever, I pull out. The only consideration I'd give this is if your traffic was stellar enough that the odds would give me half a chance of making it worth my while. And even then, it's a trial.

    CPC I don't follow if I'm selling actual products/services through you. If it's just an ad going back to my site, then it's really a question of CPC vs CPM and a merchant will always prefer CPC because it's at least more focused and targeted. Either way you better be prepared to show me some solid reports.

    A commission is probably more of how I would see it happening. And if you are processing the sales, it's far more transparent. And the best part is the incentive to move product is really all on you.

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