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    Not sure if anyone is keeping up with the latest Amazon scumware news but the latest WhenU snipe job is actually quite bizarre.

    To shrink it down to a nutshell. WhenU is not targeting but is targeting its Web Services and particular its XSLT services.

    For you Amazon Associates

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    I'm not sure I quite understood your links of what transpired from your post over at Amazon. What it appears is that on your XSLT page whenu popped and when you clicked on it, it took you to Is that correct?

    This is in no way Amazon's fault. Nor is there any way to make a webpage safe from potentially being popped on. The culprit's here are purely Whenu and (ok you folks who are promoting You could have had any type of Amazon page, a B&N page, a whatever book page and that pop could have happened.

    Whenu pops on ABW. They pop on my shopping cart for my ecommerce site. They will potentially pop on any webpage except for those websites which are listed in their exlusion list for various reasons. And BTW, I've seen Whenu pop (generally with ads in the past) on Amazon's homepage many, many, many times.

    The financial ties with the pop you experienced are between WhenU and Amazon is a victim on that one just as much as you where. So some looking through the WhenU forum here and you will see many screenshots and video's of WhenU in action.

    The pop in your case was elicited because of the content on your page. The only way for Amazon to prevent it would be for them to give you absolutely no content through the XSLT. It is not Amazon's feed per se. You could have hardcoded that page and the same thing could have happened.

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    The popups occurred not from the content of the xslt but rather the sub domain of amazon dedicated to serve amazon affiliates.

    These same popups do not occur at however.

    What is interesting is that in a flash demo for SaveNow to demonstrate its power to potential clients - Amazon is demonstrated as a client of WhenU.

    This is in no way Amazon's fault.

    I tend to disagree in this respect. Obviously Amazon has done something to stop WhenU from displaying popups at but has done nothing to prevent popups from occuring on a subdomain dedicated as an XSLT feed for Amazon associates.

    It is bizarre.

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