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    Someone know how to attract affiliates?
    I am a newbie. I have just finished setup in SAS, and upload several banners, but no affiliate at all for 2 days. Can someone tell me whether it is due to my incorrect operation or some other factors? Need advice, please.

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    Things to consider:
    -Are your banners attractive and basic sizes?
    -Do you have a product feed available to affiliates?
    -Have you shared a coupon or promotion for affiliates to push?
    -Have you considered a program announcement on Abestweb or a promotion on the Shareasale platform?
    These are all great ways to start introducing yourself to the community as well as actively participating on forum and other discussions! Good Luck!

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    How does your program description compare to your competitors in SAS?

    Is your site converting otherwise and at what rate. Are you doing other online marketing and is that producing sales?

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    Two questions come to mind:
    What is your program? (Need some basic information in order to answer your questions.)
    Where are you from? (Believe it or not, your command of the English language may make a difference.)
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