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    I Have Several Domains - Need Expereinced To Tell Me If I'm Understanding Correctly

    I'm new to affiliate marketing and need to know whether or not my plan for my domains makes any sense.

    Background: I own several domains. Two are content sites (blogs) meant to provide information, how-to's ect. One is developed, though neglected for a couple of years. I had adsense on it, didn't make a dime, but never any affiliate products. My goal for these sites is to build an audience. I care about the content on these sites. As I revamp the developed site and build the other, I will be adding affiliate products and banners, but really my goal is to focus on building a following.

    I own three domains that are kind of in the same general category as my content sites. I'm thinking of making these product sites. I'd like to sell products from several merchants, though one good one would be fine. I can't spend much time building, promoting or updating these sites. A little maybe.

    I own a handfull of so-so domains. They're parked at godaddy so I could stick them in an auction and see what happens, or I could put up a merchant feed (I think) and see if I get any traffic.


    1. I this scenario realistic? I can build a nice Wordpress site, but it takes time. I'm no expert, just able to figure things out with the help of tutorials and forums.

    2. Do I understand correctly that I can use goldencan or something like that to just quickly slap up a store? Is that how data feeds work?

    3. Can I have multiple Pages (capital P) each displaying different data feeds from different merchants?

    Ok, I'll stop. I'm confusing even myself. To summarize, I don't have a lot of time. I do have a lot of domains. What to do?

    Thanks for sticking with this one!

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    Am I even on the right track?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KatieGrrl View Post
    To summarize, I don't have a lot of time.
    Just isn't going to be successful unless you can dedicate the time to making it so. Sorry...
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    I can't spend much time building, promoting or updating these sites
    I think you answered your own question..

    Time is money, you should focus on building the sites that will drive revenue. With all the recent changes in Google, it's better to do one thing well, then release a number of average (or thin) sites.

    When you focus on one site, it's also easier to determine what works, and what doesn't, in your own niche. As Convergence said, this is a business that needs time... it's better to put whatever you have into one project.

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    Ok, I appreciate the advice.

    I guess I was thinking I would focus on the established content site mostly. While I do plan on doing a bit of monetizing, again my goal is audience first.
    This one is long-term and I'm more interested in quality content than quantity content.

    I think I have time for one revenue site (see, I'm already following your advice and cutting way back). So, as to the second part of the original question... using a service like GoldenCan or PopShops, is it really as easy as they make it sound? Put in some code and bam, you have an online store? And, should I just put one store on one Page and another on a another Page?

    Thanks again.

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    I won't answer your question either, but basically because I don't know. I've never used either.

    But what I do want to say is that traffic is key. Adsense does work to a point. It actually typically is where most of my revenue comes from. One key difference between Adsense and an affiliate link is that in order to make money, your visitor must purchase an affiliate link item -- with adsense, it's a free click.

    Both come with traffic. That's where the time and effort come into play. You need a reason for someone to come to you instead of just going to Amazon if they're going to buy something.

    Not to say there isn't money in affiliate shops alone. But it's a saturated market and you're competing for the space. So are you going to go PPC to get traffic? SEO and natural search results? That's a whole science in itself involving long tail keywords, the right domain names, the right numbers. And a lot of work on top of it.

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