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    Can I use the same description tag?
    Hello friends,

    Can I use the same description tag for some of my other similar sites. If no please let me know the reason?

    Please give your valuable suggestion's...


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    Are you talking about META description? I know a lot of SEO schools of thoughts don't believe every page on a site should have the same description, so that would probably apply to doing it across sites as well.

    Not sure how Google thinks about it though. I do know that it's considered and often displayed by Google for SERP

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    jacked by sylon
    The meta tags should reflect the product that is on that page which would make the meta tags for each page different.

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    this is not a good idea to use the same meta tag description for all the web page .
    you should change it according to keyword and the items in the page.
    because it reflects the item description.

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