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    What am I doing wrong?
    I just started with affiliate marketing and from my research it seemed like I did everything that was told to me in my research.

    -I created a product for a niche- My product was an E-Book called "How To Get Your Music Posted In Hip Hop Blogs" I was not able to find any E-Book on the topic through all my searches online.
    -I uploaded in to Clickbank- I put the E-Book on Clickbank and gave a 50% commission to whoever sold it
    -I used paid advertising- I spend $100 just try to get some quick sales using Google Key Words
    -Testimonials- I got rappers and influential bloggers to give blurbs about the book.

    All in all the reviews have been great but I haven't even sold 20 copies and the book has been out for 3 weeks. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG

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    I would suspect the lack of demand for your ebook plays a big part of it.

    IMhO - the fact you sold what you have in three weeks is surprising to me. Question: What were you expecting to sell?

    And welcome to the forum...
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    Where are other ebooks selling and how are they selling them? Are you promoting to the hip hop crowd or bloggers? Have you used Twitter to find rappers and hip hop fans?

    How many clicks did you get so far to sell how many books? If your site is unknown and you get no traffic then you have to promote elsewhere.
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    Posting to blogs I would try scrapbox, but I'm a little crazy

    Let me ask this, your target audience is struggling rappers, do they buy e books?

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    20 sales in 3 weeks? I admit that won't pay for a trip to Europe, but it is better than what a lot of us see on a single product. But I would guess that you did not make much if you had to spend a lot on pay per click. You may need to make what you can on this, and work on other products. One product in a single highly specialized niche is not going to pay all the bills, but it might pay one of your bills if it goes well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vendzilla View Post
    Let me ask this, your target audience is struggling rappers, do they buy e books?
    Yep, I bet this is the major issue and your audience prefers vids, YouTube, online streaming media to get info.

    You might have to make a short video to promote but how do you get your market to do something they're not usually down for?

    Does your book have a cool cover page, images, formatted for short copy blocks, heads, sub-heads, bullets (no more than 5-7 in list), etc., has hip-hop, urban feel? Make it an easy and interesting read.

    Maybe embed an .mp3 clip or two. Read main points (or better yet, make into a rap) or expand on ideas in your book.

    Good luck with this & big congrats on creating & promoting your first product! You're way ahead of many who never get their project off the drawing board.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoyUnltd View Post
    Yep, I bet this is the major issue and your audience prefers vids, YouTube, online streaming media to get info.
    Good point, and maybe add some things to the product (and promotion pages) that can't be included in a video - like checklists, action plan forms, etc.. Things the person will want to print and use from a hard copy. Then promote them on your landing page - "you also get these .... blah blah blah ... to print out and use to ... blah blah blah".

    You also might consider getting some things going via social media like facebook, twitter, etc..

    good luck

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    In addition to what everyone else has said.....

    Your keywords can be an issue and I personally would try marketing your product via in-video contextual, like on you tube videos.

    I run a lot of promotions through youtube via adbright and I am happy with the outcome.

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