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    Copy of letter I sent to Catalog city questioning at least 5 zero dollar accepted sales.

    Catalog city:
    Could you explain this for me? It appears to be happening often and I do not understand the 0.0 amount. I have checked the links and they appear to be inserted into my page correctly.

    Example of one Sale:
    New $0.00 Always Free Interior Decorating Ideas catalog city 1102316 65056153 NA 09/25/01 01:43 PM 09/25/01 02:00 PM

    Their Reply:
    You do have the links listed correctly. The $0 amount is due to a faulty data feed from our merchant. New information is sent daily, so inventory and pricing issues are kept up-to-date. This is simply an ongoing issue with our merchants and we hope to have this corrected soon.

    I hope this helps to answer your question. Please feel free to contact me should you need anything else. Thank you!

    Beth Kroenke
    Program Manager,

    What do you pros out there think about this?

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    I'm no expert, but one of the merchants catalogcity used was pacificcollection (offered 21% commission), who have been deactivated in CJ since 21st(?) September.

    I don't know if this info helps you any.

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    Has a question like this been posted somewhere else before? If I remember correctly someone replied with the answer that there was no commission because you can't get commission from $0.00.

    I might be imagining things again and the post I thought I read might not exist.
    Damn voices in my head.

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    There are legitimate times a $0.00 sale can come in (I had one show up for an item that was given away for customer service--I was the customer in that case so I knew that was what happened.), but I'd have to say most of them seem bogus. And the idea that if Catalog City uses a dud merchant, WE don't get paid, is quite lousy--especially since their site is crammed with merchants who are either iffy or known duds!

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