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    Watch out for this one, all.
    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>
    From: Primo Products
    Subject: affiliate application
    Date: 2001-11-01 06:38:11.0

    Enter Reply Here

    We only track through CJ.

    --- Original Message Separator ---
    We just applied to your affiliate program. We are wondering about whether your off-line ordering is also tracked. Both the first page of checking out with the method option, and even after getting to the credit card page when choosing credit card make a bit of an emphasis on "you may prefer ordering by phone or fax". Do you track these orders at all?

    Also, my original email message to them when I applied was on October 30.

    I'm not saying "fraud", heck maybe they didn't understand my question. But it seems from their answer that no off-line order tracking is attempted. It could easily be done with the form that is produced to fax or email or call with, but nooooooooooooo. And they really do have on every check out page "Perhaps you would prefer to phone or fax your order".

    Perhaps you would prefer to be dropped immediately rather than put in some sort of referral code on those print outs?

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    Theyt would have to be pretty stupid not to understand a question like that!

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    Some merchants go so far as to offer a discount or bonus for PHONE orders, which are usually more expensive to take, just so as to circumvent the CJ affiliate program. One example is here:

    These guys live in the same county as I do (they're in Fullerton, CA). I was considering promoting their program in my up-and-coming meta search engine until I saw this. Their loss!

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