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    Question Merchant Account TMF and MATCH List Question
    Hello All,

    I currently run an online continuity business and 95% of my traffic comes from affiliate networks. Recently, I have run into chargeback issues and my merchant account provider shutdown my merchant account. I have tried to apply for another account but the merchant service companies I have spoken with have told me they cannot help because I have been placed on a TMF and MATCH list. I keep getting declined and I don't know what to do. Has anyone else had this problem and know how to fix it? Is there any solution to this problem or does someone have a recommendation they can make to help me get processing again?


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    Try PayPal, using their API to accept credit cards from people who don't have PayPal accounts and don't want to open one. They are more likely to accept you. They aren't great but they work. However, first I would determine why you had so many chargebacks and fix that problem because even PayPal has limits on what it will tolerate. (Interestingly, they are more tolerant of foreign banks with questionable clientele, and will accept transactions from banks that traditional merchant banks will not).

    I have no clue as to what your business is, nor whether you have chargebacks because you are sloppy about accepting questionable orders, and don't try to resolve address mismatches, or are the victim of affiliate fraud.
    Valerie Magee

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