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    Our web site, DrumLib's Health Research Review, ( joined the affiliate program offered by Peakhealth ( through the Linkshare affiliate network. According to the agreement, Peakhealth would pay us when we accumulated $100 in affiliate commissions. This did not happen. Our emails concerning this matter went unanswered, so eventually we removed them from our site. By this time, Peakhealth owed us $214.05 in affiliate commissions. I have a screen shot of the Linkshare accounting that documents this fact:

    Linkshare has not lifted a finger to help us collect this money -- they say that they just do the tracking and accounting, so we should take Peakhealth to small claims court or something. Interestingly, Linkshare continues to recruit affiliates (or should I say victims) for Peakhealth's affiliate program.

    Since this money was LONG overdue, we sent Peakhealth yet another email notifying them that, if they did not pay us the money they owed us, we would have no choice but to resort to formal collection activities. Although Peakhealth did not bother to reply to this email, they did immediately drop us from their affiliate program. I have a screen shot that documents this fact:

    The facts speak for themselves, and there is no excuse for a business treating its affiliates like this. The bottom line is Peakhealth owes me $214.05. I appreciate any help in collecting this debt, since Peakhealth clearly has no intention of paying it.

    Selma Pohlmann

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    Thanks for the "Heads Up" Selma,

    I guess it just goes to show that you never know what to expect from affiliate programs, especially those offered at LinkShare.


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    Welcome! <IMG src=>

    I can't seem to find them in Snare ... did they do a name change?

    You want me to call and give'em HELL? [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]


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    These people?

    Peak Performance Health Inc (PEAKHEALTH2-DOM)
    23 4th St
    Elmer, NJ 08318

    Domain Name: PEAKHEALTH.NET

    Administrative Contact, Billing Contact:
    Curt, Pedersen (PCQ114) cp@PEAKHEALTH.NET
    23 4th St
    Elmer , NJ 08318
    856-755-1990 (FAX) 856-755-1997


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    It's interesting that Peakhealth is no longer on Linkshare -- I'm beginning to wonder about the current status of their business. When I first report them, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) had them at an address in Cherry Hill, NJ. The BBB sent me an email saying "Our file shows mail sent to this company was returned by the Post Office as moved, left no forwarding order, forwarding order expired, or unable to locate. Our file contains no other information to enable us to issue a report at this time."

    So I did a WHOIS search and reported Peakhealth at the Elmer NJ address that francis listed. I still haven't heard back from the BBB on this.

    I just checked and (and seem to be inaccessible. Crash and burn?

    The BBB now lists a "Peak Health & Nutrition" in Colorado Springs, CO -- but it doesn't say who owns the business. It just says: "We do not have a report on this company. This may mean that the company is new to our area. We have not had sufficient activity to warrant developing a full report."

    I would like to find out what's going on with, and find out if Curt Pedersen and Jason Pedersen are behind this "Peak Health & Nutrition" in Colorado Springs, CO.

    Any good net detectives out there?


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