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    Okay I'll explain what I experienced and if anyone would check into it with your own investigations that would be awesome.

    Here goes, I was at a website that had a banner served by bfast. I clicked the banner and entered the lendingtree site, noted the affiliate ID url above in my browser.

    Strangely the page refreshes and a nice little message says "sorry because you have been inactive for 30 minutes your session has expired. Please click here to continue.

    So I do and do you think the affiliate ID was still there? Try no noway nota zip!

    Now just to make it clear I had not even been there for the thirty minutes. In fact it was less then three minutes.

    Very suspicous if it isn't out right fraud.

    BTW I backed my browser to see if the affiliate ID would continue from the start page if I clicked links and it does but not if they can throw in a 3:30am refresh tag that eliminates user sessions and affiliate ID's

    A point I need to add to this is that this does not mean lending tree is doing these things on purpose. But um well (BS) I just don't want to get sued [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

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    Speculation along those last lines (them not doing it on purpose):

    I HATE to play Devil's Advocate--but you said this happened after about 3 minutes. It's real easy to type 3 instead of 30 into the code by mistake (dropping a digit is a common error), especially if their programmer is typical--ie, doing it at 4 AM while totally jacked on Jolt Cola!!

    So they MAY (and that's a big "may") have intended a 30-minute session.

    Of course, that leaves the question of why on Earth they would CUT OFF A CUSTOMER BEFORE HE/SHE COULD BUY even if it took them 10 years to make the decision!!!

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    Yes that is true, it could just have been a simple code mistake.

    I like your second part better though.

    Why would they even have a limit to time on a site before it needs to reset.

    I never heard of that before. All I can say is I'm not going to promote them on my site with that going on.

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