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Thread: New Holiday Event Offers on Goldstar

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    New Holiday Event Offers on Goldstar

    The holiday season is in full swing, and Goldstar has many holiday events to help your readers celebrate the holidays! Everything from various Nutcrackers (both traditional and with a modern twist!) to holiday-themed concerts, light and décor-viewing boat cruises, and theater. We have something for everyone!

    We have special creative for you to use, as well as a customized page listing holiday events for every city that we serve. Find deep links and offer banners in your management area under the creative group titled 'Current Promotions'.

    Here are the special holiday landing pages for each city offered:

    Atlanta: Holiday Events in Atlanta | Goldstar
    Baltimore: Holiday Events in Baltimore | Goldstar
    Boston: Holiday Events in Boston | Goldstar
    Chicago: Holiday Events in Chicago | Goldstar
    Cincinnati: Holiday Events in Cincinnati | Goldstar
    Dallas: Holiday Events in Dallas | Goldstar
    Houston: Holiday Events in Houston | Goldstar
    Inland Empire: Holiday Events in Inland Empire | Goldstar
    Las Vegas: Holiday Events in Las Vegas | Goldstar
    Los Angeles: Holiday Events in Los Angeles | Goldstar
    Minneapolis: Holiday Events in Minneapolis-St. Paul | Goldstar
    New York: Holiday Events in New York | Goldstar
    Orange County: Holiday Events in Orange County | Goldstar
    Philadelphia: Holiday Events in Philadelphia | Goldstar
    Portland: Holiday Events in Portland | Goldstar
    Sacramento: Holiday Events in Sacramento | Goldstar
    San Diego: Holiday Events in San Diego | Goldstar
    San Francisco: Holiday Events in San Francisco | Goldstar
    San Jose: Holiday Events in San Jose | Goldstar
    Seattle: Holiday Events in Seattle | Goldstar
    Washington, DC: Holiday Events in Washington, DC | Goldstar

    Click here to learn more about the Goldstar program, exclusive to

    If you're an existing affiliate, click here to join.
    If you're brand new to, click here to join.
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    Washington link points to seattle..
    Can we get the right one?

    EDIT: Here's the link:
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    So sorry about that! The correct Washington, D.C. link is:

    Holiday Events in Washington, D.C. | Goldstar

    Please let me know if there is anything else you need!

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