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    WebUndies terminated me. I emailed them back asking them to reconsider but haven't heard back.

    Anyone else get a deactivation or know if they're ending their program on CJ?

    I got a similar message from La Cense Beef today.

    Isn't it awesome getting deactivations during the holiday season?
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    I feel your pain! Not from WebUndies but from more than the normal number of merchants pulling this on me too. At least they didn't email you and ask what more you could do for them.

    With traffic tanking on one side for various reasons and merchants "not getting it", I may tale an affil-cation (vacation from AM) until the new year...
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    Yeah, traffic is down but my EPC is higher. If only I could get my traffic back up. Some of my sites are new, so it takes time to build traffic levels. I've tried explaining that to some of my AMs. Some understand and some don't care.

    I've never understood why a merchant feels the need to drop inactive or struggling affiliates? What does it really cost them. In many cases, I haven't received a newsletter from them in years, so it's not like they're spending money on bandwidth

    I've actually had emails from AMs telling me that they will only send emails to top tier affiliates because they don't have enough bandwidth to send to everyone.

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    This happens with merchants on CJ who have been advised by CJ staff to drop certain "classes" of affiliates in order to artificially inflate EPC figures. Lazy and/or clueless affiliate managers eat that bullsh!t up like candy.
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    That's so true Trust. I've had CJ merchants who've told me that if they see certain promotions receive clicks and impressions but in sales, they would make me pull the promotion. I usually reply to them asking them what they're doing on their end to convert the clicks that I send them.

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    I'm a 4 (sometimes 5) bar performer on CJ and I got around 4 termination notices this month already... 2 of them I was actively promoting and was getting a sales with, although not many but still getting some sales... emailed them asking what the problem was but never heard back.

    I recently got a "threat" email from a merchant saying they were going to terminate me if I didn't start promoting them soon. Strange thing is that I have a dedicated site just for their program and send them around 10 registrations per day. It will be interesting to see if they actually drop me for "inactivity."

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