Several months ago I wrote Linkshare and the merchant that this affiliate offer was completely bobus. The classified Ad site offered a 10-20% commission on sales and signups of sellers of antiques -collectables etc etc. Small print double talk within merchant detail page showed they only paid 10% commissions on sales over 300.00 and 20% on items over 599.00. The net results are you only get hoodwinked into thinking you can earn commissions when it isn't even clear if they will pay on signing up new sellers at a 10.00 fee since that's under the 300.00 item price limit for recording the 10% commission.

To further this scamm the site has virtually ZERO listings of any collectable items in over 90% of all their categories. All over their pages are outside links to their own vStore private labeled shops and LS merchant banner with their own codes embeded. Basically impossible to make money with them and Linkshare allows them to exploit their network of due dilligence and no response from LS about this swank merchant who's probably just a poser super affiliate. How can they ever afford the network bills with no products listed or sellers onboard. LS obviously will get sstiffed too.