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    November 20th, 2011
    hello, i'm new to this site and new to affiliate marketing in general.
    the idea came to me when i was currently unemployed. i'm fresh out of high school and was a manager at mcdonalds for almost a year before i decided that the blue collar job is simply not for me.
    my grandmother was trying to start her own online business through a program started by Anothany morrison.
    the idea seemed great but i never thought it would work until i got my own little taste of the affiliate marketing business by reading both of anthany's books and watching his interveiws.
    it seemd like a good idea and so here i am trying to soak up as much information as i possibly can so that i can be a successfull affiliate marketer.
    thank you for reading!


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    Hello Colby, never heard of Anothany Morrison and if you came here to promote him you won't last a day. Look up anothany morrison scam!

    If you in earnest want to learn then start reading and interacting. There is no course you can take to become an affiliate, it takes work and perseverance.

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