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    Keyword Search Tool
    Hello friends,
    Yesterday I had a discussion with one of my SEO friend about the SEO tools. I told him that I check the keyword position manually and he told that he is using the tool seoserp[dot]com. And according to him it gives the relevant result. So Even I thought of checking that tool but found that all the results were different from the manual search result and I found the one of my keyword which was on the position 5th while that tool shows its position 12 in Google.
    Please share your thoughts on this tool if anyone is using it or know about it..


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    Where is the tool hosted? Probably based on some local search.

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    i just checked the url but got nothing. But i would like use Google keyword tool instead which is much better.

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    Google Keyword Tool - Google AdWords I think this keyword analyzer tool is more comfortable to use and valuable than other keyword analyzer.

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    Post Re:
    Well, I believe in manually checking because there you can also check your competitors, where is your competitor website perform and where you, it will something beneficial in promotion.

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    Cook your own software. There's a lot to learn from log files alone, as well as there are different ways to check your positions, and the only way not to do 100 things by hand is to write your own code. Learn Perl, don't waste your time on PHP (or python) if you're still choosing. There are very short manuals on Perl that will get you started right away, I wrote my first program after 25 minutes of reading one for the very 1st time, then 6 hours later I finished a file downloader (based on wget), accidently deleted it and re-wrote it 20 minutes later. What I mean is it's not as hard as it seems. Not at all. Just don't start with a thick and boring book covering everything and confusing everyone.

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