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    April 6th, 2006
    Google shutting down more sites/services

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    I watched the video when Wave was released and like so many other things Google thought it was an interesting concept. Then never heard of it or anyone using it again. Didn't know about Google Knol. Was that supposed to replace wikipedia?

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    April 6th, 2006
    Yes, Knol was supposed to be a user-contributed knowledgebase, like Wikipedia. It was pretty confusing, to be honest.. and I can't say it ever ranked in the search engines (how ironic!).

    Seems they are phasing out these random projects - they were never very good at being a publisher, probably a better idea to stick to the core business. Some of these divisions would have been quite costly to maintain.

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    thought you were talking about another panda update

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    The good news is that Orkut is still up an running. With *new features* even! And still in "in beta" after so many years!
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    They had to take Knol down because it was an article farm that was very similar to the other article farms they decided to slap.

    Cancelling Google Wave reminds me that some of my best ideas will fail no matter how good they are. Google Wave was a pretty good idea/site/service. If Google couldn't get it to catch with all of their resources, I don't feel so bad that some of my sites can't get traction with waaaaaay less resources and tech.
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    I wish they would close down their search business, the world would be a much better place....
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