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    Question complete noob---how to respond to an affiliate email offer?

    I launched a site about 9 months ago not knowing much about internet marketing. The site is getting around 150 unique visitors a day and just 2 days ago I got an email from an affiliate program (university/college related), asking if I would be interested in joining their network.

    Prior to this, didn't know about affiliate marketing so yea, a bit overwhelmed with all the info out there, but my basic question is, how should I reply to this email and not sound like a total noob?

    I'm interested to see what their offer is, but also, i wondered, how can I compare their offer to competitors?


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    What sort of conversion rate are you getting from your 150, those figures are really good considering you have only set up recently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daiarian View Post
    What sort of conversion rate are you getting from your 150, those figures are really good considering you have only set up recently.
    Well, like i said, I'm new to this internet marketing stuff and all i got on my site is adsense, so not sure what you mean by conversion rate.

    Site is not selling anything. Is just informational but just struck of luck cause is my own profession so when i did it, i built it with the intention to give info out to others and my experience about it, and i didn't do any keyword research. I figured i would built it on something I know, so it was supposed to be my test site, but now it actually gets visitors.

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    First congrats on developing your site. Your reply should be based on whether or not the program emailing you is a good fit. One of the many advantages of doing an affiliate program versus is adsense is you can target your audience. Next make sure you strategic place the affiliate links so it does not detract from the core of your site. Information sites that start without the intention of making money are many times the best

    This place and Twitter are great ways to learn about affiliate marketing.

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    Go ahead and accept the offer to join, doesn't mean you have to promote it. Then you can review the offer(s) and see if they are a good fit for your site. Once you do that check back with us.

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