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    The U.S. Should Invade Canada
    Here I am working on my BF/CM deals and I came across this:

    Consumer fasts, mall sit-ins -- anti-Black Friday actions urged

    U.S. News - Consumer fasts, mall sit-ins -- anti-Black Friday actions urged

    Of course these people are from Canada, the same people behind the Occupy this and that. I mean, they already unleashed Bieber on this country, now this. We should attack. The article is all kinds of stupid.

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    I think we did that once before . . . and we lost.

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    I guess Wall Street created Black Friday as a way to screw consumers. If we block shoppers it will screw those dumb SOBs on Wall Street? We better boycott the sales and pay full price Tuesday!

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    Yo, Canada here...

    We may have given you Beiber, but you gave us Kardashians... we'll call it even.

    Joking aside, the deep discounting that consumers have come to expect is getting a little frightening. We need to support all aspects of retail - continuously shrinking margins won't help get things back on track.

    That article doesn't represent the Canadian sentiment at all - we have more news stories about Canadian stores starting to observe Black Friday sales. They are losing too much business to cross-border shopping (incl online).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herb ԿԬ View Post
    I think we did that once before . . . and we lost.
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    still cannot believe the end of world will not happen in year 2012? The war would be a great solution for this dissapointing situation

    The question to the moderator. Does the T&C of this forum mention somewhere that it is forbidden to encourage violence which is brought by the act of warfare?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gocrazy View Post
    The question to the moderator. Does the T&C of this forum mention somewhere that it is forbidden to encourage violence which is brought by the act of warfare?
    It's what we live for!

    "I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant." - Richard Nixon

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    Here in Wisconsin, our plan is to take the upper peninsula from Michigan and then it is on to Canada!
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    Our plan in Socal is to retake the Republic of Arizona for the US.
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    Our plan here in the United Kingdom is to once more bring you the enlightened reign courtesy of Her Majesty. Seems some US citizens already asked us to do this and a number of US towns sent petitions to Her Majesty over the last two years.

    As for invading Canada, the dodgy American imperialists planned this for years, notably after the Wall Street Crash. War Plan Red - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The USA secretly built camouflaged airfields and army bases on the Canadian border in 1930.

    UK's Channel 5 America's Planned War On Britain: Revealed | Revealed | Channel 5 got a load of military people from the USA, Canada and the UK to play out the War Plan. The US invasion would have failed, just like the last time and the time before that.

    However given the levels of appeasement, the USA would have been given Canada as a political settlement but would not have succeeded in obtaining any trade routes and would have suffered embargo, causing even more unemployment and mass starvation. Mexico would be the only salvation for the USA with demands for food paid for by land handed back to Mexico. Also Nazi Germany would have signed a Pact with the UK (Hitler publicly spoke out against US war plans against UK and proposed alliance in 1935) to neutralize America and the new Tripartate would have been UK/Soviet Union/Nazi Germany.

    Move forwards 80 years and those "colonials" still envy Canada.

    If you really want to be Canadian then watch this first: Canadian, Please - YouTube
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