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    I hope it's ok to post this. Haiko, if not, take it off, ok?

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>========================================================
    1. Does your program appear on this affiliate blacklist?

    By Neil Durrant

    A new predatory advertising client has been causing concern
    amongst affiliates and program managers.

    The SaveNow.exe program piggybacks its way onto a machine when a
    user installs the WhenU toolbar.

    Heated discussions on the USAMC - -
    discussion forum have questioned the ethics of the "Trojan horse"
    manner in which the SaveNow program finds its way on to a user's
    system and the fact that it is not automatically removed when a
    user uninstalls the WhenU toolbar.

    However, there are more important concerns about the manner in
    which the SaveNow application effectively claims commissions that
    are due to hard working affiliates.

    Herby Olschewski of explains, "No matter what
    an affiliate does to drive traffic to a merchant's site, when the
    visitor arrives at the merchant site, savenow.exe will serve a
    pop-up with WhenU's affiliate ID and/coupon code. Thus grabbing
    the sale. Did WhenU do the work to get the eyeball there? No! So
    why should WhenU get the commission?"

    As affiliates learn of the SaveNow application they have been
    quick to act. One affiliate has posted on the Amazon Affiliate
    Discussion Board a list of 381 merchants that WhenU claim to have
    relationships with.

    But as a final twist many merchants have been angered by this
    list claiming they are not actively working with SaveNow/WhenU.
    Upon double-checking, most have discovered WhenU have been auto-
    approved into their programs. Many merchants have responded by
    publicly stating that they have terminated these relationships.

    I expect a very real backlash from affiliates - now might be a
    good time to finalize your company policy towards predatory
    advertising, check your existing relationships accordingly and
    communicate your position to your existing affiliates.

    USAMC discussion group:


    More coverage of the topic:

    Shawn Collins explains how WhenU deprives you of commissions,
    "Affiliate Tip: Do Unto Others" (see item 4):

    Christopher Saunders says some merchants are putting the bottom
    line first and are prepared to risk upsetting their affiliates.
    "Affiliates, Merchants at Odds Over 'Stolen' Traffic"

    Tom Hespos examines sneaky advertising: "The Scum of the Web" <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>[/ URL]

    The Amazon message board for affiliates, under the thread titled
    "Is Stealing Your Commissions?" [URL=]</A>

    More info:

    2. One line of code stops predatory advertiser

    Patrick Crampton of says he has written a
    definitive stopper for Ezula's TopText. It's not a refresh or
    javascript, but one small line of code.

    "It took me a bit to get to the bottom, but I knew I could do
    it," Patrick says. "We as webmasters can use it freely because
    it really cannot be considered a specific 'Ezula Stopping tool'.
    It's just plain code."

    Apparently, TopText uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) when it
    overlays advertising links on your site without your permission.
    Patrick's line of code is designed to disable it.

    You can read an explanation and get it here free:


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    This is excellent info KariBon, thank you! One note, the link to the Amazon discussion doesn't work. Also, I was told that the Amazon discussions were taken down, but I was able to access them through my favorites list, I will have to go back and edit my posting about that....

    It appears that one thing merchants do not realize is that even though they have discontinued, has not taken down the merchants now deactivated links, causing a whole new set of problems....

    Thanks again for the info!

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    Diane, I got an email from a friend that the people on that list link above ..

    are working on a code to disable WhenU. just checked and it isn't there yet that I could find.

    Also, Office Depot is still stuck with the WhenU bar!

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    Although such codes to block these scumware programs (such as whenu, ezula and yes, Microsoft's (pulled so far) smart tags) are highly valuable, why should we have to spend potentially tens of hours (each) to insert these codes into all our pages.

    These scumware programs should simply be made illegal in the same manner as viruses are. They are blatant theft of our hard earned commissions - simple as that.

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    The Amazon discussions are still up, but I guess you may need to be registered as an affiliate or on the Friends & Favorites service.

    At least with Micro$oft there was a documented line of code you could put in to supress the smart tags - and for once MS actually listened to the backlash.

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