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    Alright now this is the situation,

    Bcentral closed down on september 6th , 45 days before the closure Ebay was out of funds and it wasnt for the first time.

    Please check these forums u could find some info on the situations

    This particular thread would give a complete insight as to what's happening^0@.eedaccd

    Now there are 1000's of affiliates which were linked to ebay under bcentral. 45 days of ebay program would mean a huge amount of money that ebay needs to pay to bcentral

    Up until 6th sept 2001, ebay didnt bother doing so...just a while ago. Another poster on the ebay affiliate forums stated that he has info saying bcentral has payed ebay the whole amount.

    And bcentral arent paying their affiliates.

    Where as bcentral doesnt speak anything about ebay paying bcentral. What they state is that we would be sending a refund and a promised refund has met all possible deadlines and hasnt yet reached any of the affiliates.

    So who is the cheat ? is it ebay or is it bcentral ?

    Well what could we do in order to get an enquiry into this situation and help the due amount to be received by the affiliates....

    Haiko - Could u provide some help here ?

    This is an email message by bcentral support

    This email is in regard to ClickTrade/Revenue Avenue final payments.
    As of the time of this email all final payments have been sent to
    customers. The latest batch left in the mail today November 26th, 2001 and
    should arrive within one business week. We would like to thank you for
    your participation in our program.
    If you have a question about your refund or if it hasn't arrived yet
    please see the following section.
    *I have not received my final payment or refund.
    If you have not received your final payment in the mail by December 5th
    please reply to this email with the email address your account was
    under, your current address, your full name, and business name if
    applicable. We can use this information to investigate final claims on a case by
    case basis.
    Please don't hesitate to reply with any further questions or concerns
    you might have.
    Microsoft bCentral Team

    Microsoft bCentral Team

    But questions are never answered there any longer...


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    I received the same email from bCentral.
    Followed by a check for the full amount due on 12/3.
    It wasn't very big but it helped. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

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    Hi 5$,
    But was it in regards to the ebay affiliation ?
    Were u an ebay affiliate ? was that money credited to you ?

    Thats my issue of worry

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    I received my final bCentral check for the three programs I promoted there at the end of November. Holdup Suspenders paid all affiliates out of their balance who linked to from the clicktrade program and they received the balance of their account at the same time. bCentral cut some kind of discount deal with CJ to migrate merchants like they did with Yahoo stores. Nothing out of the norm here as it seems the honest ones paid off their afifliates and the others sought cheaper new networks rather than fork over bucks to CJ or Linkshare.

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    Yeah you have it with the others

    But whats up with ebay the e in the bay

    that bay is filled of crooks

    Wish the crooks are all fired


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