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    Hi, I am getting pissed off in reversals from cj merchants leaving, so I emailed one of them saying "I am sick of weasel companies like yours for leaving commission junction and reversing affiliate sales, this is blatant FRAUD and I have replaced all your links with a warning to my visitors that *company* is a FRAUDULENT
    company and not to trust them with your credit cards." They replied asking how much they owe me and that they would cut me a check, and a apologized. I think we should all do this with merchants that have left cj and reversed sales, but dont get them to cut a check rather reply saying that they have to pay all monies owed to all affiliates. This seems to be the only way to get them to pay up as cj dosn't seem to be doing a hell of alot.

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    Glad you got your money!!!

    It doesn't hurt to also put this in your email sig file:

    Affiliate Power
    URL to ABW

    Vicki [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

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