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    There is an interesting statement at the bottom of this page on the Affiliate Programs That Suck website:

    "Many of you have been led to believe that you are not able to take legal action against merchants due to a clause in most contracts stating that you may only pursue legal action in their state. The fact of the matter is this, ONCE they have failed to live up to the terms of the agreement, they have essentially voided that agreement. Leaving your options wide open"

    What do you think about the idea of using local small claims court to go after merchants that stiff affiliates for a few hundred dollars? Is anyone familiar with Ripoff Revenge?


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    By all means attempt to do it. Laws vary by state, but I took another business to small claims...It was in the State of Maryland, and cost us something like $15.00 to file it. The forms were easy and painless. One problem with small claims is that it doesn't guarantee payment. It only gives you a judgement...Don't expect to walk out of the courthouse with check in hand. The judgement will assist you in collections though....

    Tom Pyles

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