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    CJ support not working, so asking here for advice... thanks in advance.
    I am new to CJ and applied to a few companies and had my application to declined. How do I find out why it was declined so I can make the changes on my end so I can resubmit the application and get it approved?

    btw, I tried CJ's support form and it keeps displaying an error (no fault to my own). Not sure if this is a new problem or if their support is always like this. Any help would be appreciated. is an important part of the site I am building.

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    From their affiliate page on the site:
    Please contact with questions about the program. We're happy to assist you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Hamrick View Post
    From their affiliate page on the site:
    Thanks, I went did just that after making this post. Still no word back from

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    FWIW, I know someone who was denied by them and was able to successfully appeal to them, so they do respond to email requests. Or have in the past anyway.

    I too have been denied by them but it wasn't worth the effort for me to try to get reconsidered.

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