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    Newbie needs help on legal redirecting
    Ahoy People,

    Newbie ringing long distance from New Zealand...

    Can you please direct me to basic "how to" information about redirecting a url to an amazon book page.

    In my 2 minutes of research, I see that TOS seem to require a click to be made.

    Who is doing this successfully? I'd really like to see a story, case study, how-to snippet that's geared for affiliate newbs in their 50s.

    After a long career in PR and journalism, I need patience and one syllable words.

    Thanks for you help.



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    Welcome to ABW!

    Do you have an affiliate site already.. and an account as an Amazon Associate..? Sign-up is at the bottom of their site. If you have an Associate account, once you log in, there is a section to build links that you (then) insert on your own website, usually as a text link. Then when a reader clicks on the link, you can earn commission. I think that's the URL you're taking about?

    Personally, I'm not a fan of the widgets they make available to Associates, they can slow down a site.

    You will find affiliate newbs of all ages here, don't be shy to ask away. Journalism & PR experience make you perfectly suited to this business, you just have to be prepared for a technical learning curve!

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