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    Tracking Down a WordPress Theme
    I ran across a site with a Theme that I find very interesting. I am unable to find it anywhere online for free or purchase so I went ahead and contacted the site using the theme. It is created using WordPress but appears to have been custom made by them.

    In the event they do not get back to me or are uninterested in providing me the theme can someone estimate what it would cost to recreate the Theme? My Wordpress knowledge is very limited at this time so I would rather outsource if it is not too much work for an expert.

    The site is (ecoki dot com, not sure if I can post links in this forum). Thanks for the help.

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    Looks like it MAY have been made for them by these folks:

    Ecoki | CSS GALLERY for Inspiration | CSSMAYO
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    It used to take hours to track down all the free WordPress themes out there.

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    Hi Resource212,

    Have you heard back from If not, you can try browsing through the various free Wordpress themes. If I remember correctly they have some templates there that are similar to the one you like. You can also check out their Premium templates. You can get in touch with the designers there and check out the costs for a custom design.

    Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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    One of my colleague who works as a WordPress designer told me that a WordPress theme will require a lot of work to recreate & redesign it so it's better you select some other if you can.

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    looking at the source code can help, there were a lot of links in there but this was one of them CSS Nature Gallery | Showcasing the Best Website Designs Worldwide

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    I am using Flexibility 3, it is free, and it ticks most of the boxes for me.

    If you choose a free theme make sure it comes recommended.
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