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    The sh*t is hitting the fan... http://dont****

    Their attorney's gonna get a surprise on Monday morning when he clears his email.

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    They never converted that well for me anyways.

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    I once had a builder who took money for finishing my house, spent it on a previous house he was finishing, then tried to hide from me for weeks, while my house stood roofless through ice storms and such. I took out an ad in the local paper, under the 'lost and found' column, like he was a dog. It read:

    'Missing: My builder. Answers to the name of Bob. If you find him, please tell him to finish my house. -Tom Rice'

    I left a message on the answering machine he was hiding behind that 'The ad would stay in the paper until a significant amount of work was completed on my house'.

    Everyone in this county knew who 'Bob' was, and it was amazing how quickly I got my house worked on after that.

    Sometimes, there's nothing like a little publicity to evoke a response.

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