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    Hey All!

    Adam Barrett here, I will forgive you if you don't recognize me, it's been a LONG TIME since I have graced ABW, but I saw this today and it enraged me so I wanted to get back in here and share with you the crap that us up to.

    Anyone seen the latest from They have "partnered" with Barnes & Noble to sell eBooks. I would call it "affiliated".

    Just look over:
    Nook |

    All the links are LinkSynergy links, you know from LinkShare!

    Furthermore they have added eBook links (from LinkSynergy) on every book product page that links to

    I am outraged, and I haven't supported OSTK since I stopped running their Affiliate program back in before 2006.

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    Hi Adam, thanks for the post. Didn't take long for Internet Retailer to pick up on this: Top 500 - Overstock gets (e) book smart with Barnes & Noble - Internet Retailer president Jonathan Johnson says it has an affiliate relationship with Barnes & Noble and that the two companies will share the revenue from e-book sales resulting from Overstock directing traffic to He declines to reveal the financial details of their arrangement but says any sales that result will be incremental for Overstock, as it did not sell e-books previously. “We’d done really well selling refurbished Nooks and e-book accessories and we felt it was time to at least dip our toe in the water with digital books,” Johnson says.

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    And the chances of an Overstock affiliate receiving a commission for a O > BN sale is.......


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    Ah...reminiscent of Walmart/Wayfair...
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    Or Walmart/1800Contacts?

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    Not to mention your B&N cookie is overwritten by Overstock.. who gets your traffic, and your potential B&N sale (it doesn't have to be a Nook).

    Good thing I turned down an invitation to Overstock a few months ago.

    They must think their own affiliates are idiots.

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