Hello To All:
I am new to this forum, and to internet marketing in general. I am a merchant who just signed up for a vendor account at Clickbank.

After reviewing some other products, I realize that my offer may not be as attractive as some. Since this is my first project, I did not budget very well. As a result, I can only afford to pay 40%, which ends up being $7.36 per sale.

My project is an ebook targeting distressed homeowners. It does not lend itself well to an upsell with a higher price tag.

I had intended to write future ebooks, but now believe that maybe a monthly membership type of deal would work better than a series of books.

My question is, would this be more attractive to affiliate marketers if an upsell such as a monthly membership was added to it? If not, are there any ideas to make it more attractive to affiliate marketers?

I would really appreciate your thoughts. Thank you in advance. Best wishes to all of you for prosperity in your businesses.