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    Disney Movie Club Affiliate Problems
    I'm sure there are other Disney Movie Club affiliates dealing with the same thing. A few days ago they reversed almost all of my 40 sales for them in October.

    I emailed them and this was their response:

    "I began reversals on Commission Junction leads yesterday and will continue to reverse leads in the next couple days. There were about 45 of the 200 leads for the month of October that were good, and the remaining leads were bad. You are not the only publisher who is seeing reversals.

    The bad leads are not showing up in our reporting, and we cannot pay on leads we do not see. There is no tracking for them, and they do not exist in our records. I matched the good/valid leads with those from CJ, and the remaining (bad) leads are being reversed."

    The problem with this is that after Oct. 12th no leads from my end were good. I've been one of their top affiliates for 3 years and they have always been consistent sales volume. No way that on that date things just dried up, especially this close to Christmas when I always see things pick up more.

    They may not be in their system but is that my fault? I wasted ad inventory promoting this yet a technical issue on their end now puts my trusts and future promotions with them in jeopardy.

    I emailed CJ but they, as usual, just pass off the blame to the merchant and do nothing pro-active.

    I sound frustrated because this is now the 3rd year in row that I've had issues with Disney during this time of the year.

    In 2009 their affiliates didn't get paid for over 5 months. In 2010 sales didn't register in CJ from Oct. 28th through end of January(I did eventually get paid). And now this year we have more problems. Very frustrating.

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    At least you get a response out of them. I applied and am still waiting for a response either way 2 years later. There seems to be no contact email when applying.

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    I've applied for my wife's Disney site, was declined and emailed an appeal 3+ months ago with no response
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    CJ has actually really been on top of this. I've talked to my rep about it a couple of times. Apparently it has something to do with whether a lead has ever had a membership before. If they do, the commission later gets reversed. Also if there are any initial problems with the credit card. So they are scrubbing REALLY far after the fact. I do not believe that Disney is in any way managing this program. I think it is all being done through a completely separate agency. I'd really love to know what Disney would think about the way that their brand is being tarnished with this.
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