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    Banner ad for a specific page
    Right now I just have a banner ad specific for my city. It's currently showing something for a photo package deal which I doubt anyone on my site will buy. However, there's also currently a deal at a sports bar for a $20 coupon for $10 which is exactly what I think could go over on my site.

    Is there a way to get the banner to show that deal? I saw that there's a way to create a link to a specific page but I don't really have a proper place to simply put a link. I'd like a banner ad or something to link to that page.


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    Hi Fred-

    The Widget is location specific and doesn't have the ability to be set to a specific deal. If you want to post the deal on your site, your best bet is to use the Affiliate Link Generator to create a tracking link and incorporate it into some kind of blog post.

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