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    How to Increase visibility on Publisher website

    I am quite new to this affiliate marketing world. I am working for auto parts affiliate program. I am right now using Google Affiliate network, everything seems to be fine but i have some issue/questions that i am not able to figure out so if anyone here has some insight about my questions then please help me.
    1. We have recruited more than 200 publisher from network still 15 % of them are publishing our promotion or marketing stuff so how I can increase this rate ?
    2. We wants to increase our website visibility on publisher network what is trick or strategies.. Like ..I want my website listed on top for automotive category..
    3. How can I check where my creative banners or ads are placed on publisher website..

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    things that superCool would respond to

    - higher than average commission
    - good prices and low shipping charges
    - your site has to look good and be easy to buy from (no obstacles for customers)
    - your site has to convert sales
    - long lasting promotions (not 1 or 2 day sales or coupons)
    - contests / incentives that are easy to achieve (first sale, etc.)
    - attractive non-blinky banners that add something visually to the aff site
    - offer unique article / blog post for affiliates to post on their site
    - datafeeds with good data - upc / mfg / color / good description / etc..

    good luck

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    Google Affiliate network has excellent tools for recruiting affiliates, are you not using them?

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    Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways of online income. To earn more from affiliate you need a lot of visitors. You can generate visitors to your site through performing seo jobs. Hopefully it will works to fulfill your demand.

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    You should try the affiliate networks - honestly. But you have to be really carefull whichone to chose for your product - they say that each product is for a different network -
    [URL=""]$100 CPA / 50% Commission / 20% Referrals[/url]
    [B][URL=""]We double your first, $100 you make with us [/URL][/B]

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    I see this is an old-ish thread that's been re-opened so taking my stab at a response here for those who may still be reading and have same questions.

    Many folks make the mistake of thinking that recruitment is enough. If you want to increase the # of active/producing affiliates joined to your program you need to be actively reaching out to them with information that is relevant/valuable to them on a regular basis.

    As well, in part, the % of those joined who produce, will depend on your screening procedures for those who apply to your program - quality of those recruited/accepted can affect the % of those joined who are doing anything to contribute to your bottom line.

    Can't say it enough - the industry is about relationships - always has been always will be no matter how many other things may change. So work on those and you should see better results - better placements, etc. - it's not enough to just have an affiliate program or to have affiliates joined to the program. Someone has to act as account manager in reaching out to these folks and negotiating deals w/ them that produce that highly coveted mutual win. Also it's a long term thing, not something you do to see results overnight.

    I don't know the GAN interface very well - Just inherited a program where I'm running with them and multiple others and we are phasing that one out. So unfortunately can't answer your question off the top of my head about referring URLs but many networks offer a feature to get this information. Contact advertiser support at Google Affiliate Network about it - they will get back to you within something like 48 hours with an answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rasel786 View Post
    Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways of online income. To earn more from affiliate you need a lot of visitors. You can generate visitors to your site through performing seo jobs. Hopefully it will works to fulfill your demand.
    certainly true, affiliate marketing would be more effective when bond with SEO strategy where it can possible obtain greater exposure and later on good conversion.

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    If you’re producing high-quality content that presents value to your audience, then the next step is to learn SEO so you can begin to increase visibility on Google.
    Remember, Google rewards high-quality content. If you do not produce valuable content, it’s unlikely for you to sit atop search queries.

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    SEO to achieve better rankings on Google should definitely be first priority. Anther strategy is to go after social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+). Try creating content that is interesting and sharable, something that will make people laugh or want to tell their friend. It probably wont lead directly to a sale, but it will help your site gain more exposure. Plus Google is putting more emphasis on social indicators for their search rankings.

    You can also provide your publishers who have deep social ties with a great promotion/coupon or increase in commission if they post on their social sites about your company. Maybe they promote a killer coupon that only they have? Social is still very new, but I think it can provide value if done correctly.

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