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    Tablets Taking Over The World?
    I don't know if you are getting inundated with stories about tablets, iPads especially taking over online sales? Curious if any one here is using an iPad or tablet daily and which one?

    Read this today: The tablet emerges as the tool for relaxed holiday shopping, survey finds

    87% of tablet owners are using their devices while shopping for the holidays and plan to spend an average of $325 via their tablets, according to a new study by rich media firm Zmags. Nearly a third of tablet owners say they like to shop on their devices because it is convenient. 24% also like how tablets facilitate easy browsing and help them discover products via retailers’ sites, online catalogs and tablet apps.
    The iPad2 starts at $499.00 for wifi only. I have not looked at the other tablets and am considering an iPad2 in the next month.

    My brother needs something basic and heard that there is a netbook with an Intel motherboard (Asus Eee PC) starting at $199. Haven't seen this one yet.

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    I own the Motorola Xoom (wi-fi only) and my old man picked up one, as well (through Verizon). I really like it and have done a bit of shopping on it over the last few months.
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    I have an iPad which I have recently renamed my "Scrabble Machine"..

    All kidding aside, for me, it will never replace a laptop - the apps aren't truly functioning "applications" (like spreadsheet analysis, or proper imaging). But for browsing it's very handy, and I'm glad I have it for portability.

    I work from home, and find it hard to be offline - the iPad goes with me so I can continue the obsession when I'm out and about! Also use it for research, but still prefer to use my laptop for actual buying online.

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    I have an iPad I use daily, but have rarely purchased anything on it. Only when there's isolation preventing me from using a PC nearby and a desperation to complete the purchase.

    it's very awkward to use on forms and you never know when it's going to fail on some site not designed for it.

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    True that tablets will not serve the development needs of a laptop - but my iPads are always in use for something - like browsing, researching AND shopping. I also need one as I am developing new pages/sites. It allows me to immediately see the effects of how images and layouts will appear on the many tablets that are out there - and already in use for shopping.
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