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    VAs and transparency
    I have been affiliate marketing sporting goods in a small way for about a year now and I have enough data behind me to know I have a business model that will work if I start hiring VAs in the Philippines.

    I realise I have to trust them. The problem I have is that, to create sponsored links in Avantlink, the VA has to go to the site and will immediately see my commission figures. I could set up multiple accounts, but the bottom line is that the VA will see my income per site grow by $100-200 a month. I intend to be very generous with my salaries to promote loyalty, but, even then, it's a big ask to ask someone to make ever increasing sums of money for someone who employs them doing something they could easily do themselves.

    Many of you will have been in this position and I'd really like to know how you approached this issue.

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    Just saw this thread... now the other thread you posted makes more sense.

    You actually can manage additional logins for your Affiliate account that would not allow others to see your balance, payment history or reporting.

    Login, click "Account" then click "Manage Additional Logins". Then be sure you only select the option for "Configure tools".

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