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    Multiple Domain Names Pointed At The Same Site?
    Over the years I have heard about folks pointing multiple domain names at the same site. It was supposed to have positive SEO benefits. (More/different keyword domains pointing to your site?) I was wondering if anyone has heard (or knows) how the search engines feel about this practise these days?
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    I do forward domain names to sites say I have a site cat. com I forward cat. org to that site but the user can only surf the site

    I really dought that you would get any SEO Benefit from forwarding (pointing) a domain to another domain.

    Just my 2 cents.........
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    Just make sure it's a 301 redirect and you'll be ok. There is no "seo benefit" to the forwarding practice itself, but it can preserve previous site strength if the domain is being pointed because an existing site is being moved to a new domain. The only keyword-related benefit comes when there are type-ins of the domain that has been pointed.
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    I don't believe any search engine is going to index anything that simply redirects to something else.

    although domain names offer SEO value, it'd have to be indexed first. and if domain2 simply redirects to domain1, only domain1 will show up in SERP

    at least that'd be my assumption

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    It depends on how you make the "point", if it's 301, it will be ok, traffic will direct to the website you pointed to, no seo benefits or harmness.

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