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Thread: Deluxe to present at ASW "How to Make Business to Small Business Profitable"

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    Deluxe to present at ASW "How to Make Business to Small Business Profitable"
    Deluxe Corp’s Affiliate Manager Marty Marion is teaming up with Sherry Tingley, the founder of One Click LLC, one of the internet’s leading business check websites, and George Hansen, Director of Sales and Business Development at Digital River, who is an industry expert on affiliate marketing, to bring you an interactive and educational conversation entitled “How to Make Business to Small Business (B2sB) Profitable”.

    The presentation will surround lead generation strategies, the benefits of partnerships with B2B merchants, how to target the B2sB audience, and tactics for earning more in this new and exciting sector of affiliate marketing.

    “Deluxe is really excited to talk to Affiliates this year about the growing B2B affiliate opportunity,” added Dan Flood, Deluxe’s Director of Online marketing. “Both from an affiliate perspective, as well as a merchant perspective, goals and circumstances are aligning that could lead to 2012 being the year that B2B affiliate marketing really takes off. For example, as competition gets tougher in the B2C affiliate space, existing affiliates are looking at B2B as a new revenue stream while new affiliates are trying to make their mark in this relatively uncharted territory. For Merchants, as their marketing budgets tighten, the low-risk pay for performance affiliate channel is gaining credibility and becoming a larger part of their overall marketing mix….the timing is just perfect!”

    Deluxe’s presentation will take place at the Affiliate Summit West Conference on January 10, 2012 from 11:30am to 12:30pm at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. Join us for an informative and interactive conversation which will be sure to be an enriching and educational experience.

    Don’t forget we will be announcing the winners of thousands of dollars in great prizes and commission increases for Deluxe’s Revenue Race on January 9, 2012 at 5 P.M. PST. Stop by booth #201 at ASW to hear your name announced!
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