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    Delay before sales are reported

    So I got a sale on Commission Junction lately, the first lead actually with a new merchant.

    The lead was actually taken place 10 days before it was reported. In the report it said the lead happened 10 days earlier.

    Is this common, such a big delay?

    Now I can't tell if my current campaign is succesful or a failure cause I don't find out about the leads for 10 days.

    Let me know and thanks for your help.

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    That is not uncommon with a lead gen program and is based on when the merchant batches the leads over for commissioning. For that reason many lead gen affiliates send them self a copy of the lead when it occurs. Contact the merchant and ask questions!

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    additionally, when you click on a merchant, the info window that pops up will show you the last few batch dates. this will give you an idea of how often they update transactions

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