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    Does anyone know if CJ is doing ANYTHING on correcting the problem with the Inernet Explorer 6.0 blocking their cookies?

    God damn it, we are loosing valuable customers like that.

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    I guess they are already p3p compatible and IE6 does not block CJ cookies

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    Yeah, they announced they were p3p compliant a few weeks ago on CJU, so there shouldn't be any cookies blocked by default.

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    I think this was mentioned on the CJ message boards, but apparently they did not want this info disseminated.

    I will however commend CJ for at least having a majority of their merchants set cookies with a reasonable duration.

    I remember how someone from CJ said it did not matter, claiming almost all sales occur on the initial visit. However, that is completely misleading. We have one site doing a "special" extended cookie duaration currently and sales have gone up tremendously during this time. And a comparison merchants within one category based on cookies durations has revealed a direct correlation between earnings and cookies.

    As a result I am reviewing all the programs we take part in and eliminating many of the 0-Day cookie deals.

    It seems that most of the program on have 0-Day cookies, and quite a few of the Linkshare ones do too. CJ and Performics seem to encourage fair cookie duration.

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    Is there any software that will track the
    Cookies/IP address or any affiliate programs that use this type of tracking.



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